Just a quick note…

I’m on vacation!!! 

Well, technically I’m not on vacation just yet. Right now I’m laying on my bed contemplating a nap (I’m leaning more towards the “yes” end of this, and it’s all because there’s also a napping cat on the bed. Damn cats). But in less than 24 hours I will be at the beach! 

The point of this is to let y’all know, all three of you who follow this blog so far, that I may not be able to post much in the next week or so. Don’t fret! I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet! I’m probably just engaging in some really self-destructive behavior and drinking an entire bucket of margaritas on the beach or something. I’ll take pictures. Maybe. 

So I’ll post when I can, drink when I want to, spend way too much time in the sun, and not worry about anything for about a week. I’ll talk to ya when I talk to ya!