I don’t hate the taste of Nystatin. Is that weird?

nystatinDiving right in…

It’s been a long two weeks. Hell, it’s been a long month. But medically at least, these last two weeks have really worn me down. It started with an appointment with my pain management doc. Then I got injections in my back just about a week ago (turns out I’ve had three herniated discs for almost a year, but we’ll talk more about that later). And then, as usually happens just when I think things are going well for me, I got sick.

I started to have chest pains, mostly while I was laying down and mostly while I was inhaling. No big deal, I figured it was probably just costochondritis. I’ve had it before and it just means a quick trip to the doc and a script for a steroid. But then I started to cough. And it wasn’t like my normal smokers cough… it was a dry, hacking cough, that really really hurt. Like BAD. So when I went in to see my nutritionist I mentioned it, and she sent me right over to my primary’s nurse practitioner, who works in the same office. She diagnosed me with bronchitis, threw a second inhaler at me, and sent me on my way. So now I have two inhalers, a script for a cough medication, and bronchitis. Wonderful.

Fast forward to today. I finally got in to see my nutritionist, since our last meeting got cut short. But while I was there I had to tell her that not only was I not feeling any better, but I was feeling worse. Why, you ask? Because my NP just threw that second inhaler at me. She forgot to tell me that it was super important that I clean my mouth out after I use it. Like, with Listerine, not just water. So now not only do I have bronchitis with a terrible cough, but I also have thrush. I LOVE thrush! I also love sarcasm, by the way.

After leaving my nutritionist, I went to the walk in. I really just wanted a second opinion on the whole bronchitis thing, because it really doesn’t feel like bronchitis, but I also needed something to treat the thrush. So here’s the total run down…

When a healthy person gets sick, they go to a doctor and get maybe a script for an antibiotic, or they just get told to pick up some cold/flu medication at the pharmacy. When I get sick? I leave with a script for a cough medication, an over the counter cough medication, two inhalers, an anti-fungal suspension liquid, and an entirely new routine to live by for the next few weeks. But hey, at least I don’t hate the taste of Nystatin!

My new daily routine…